Answer question in healthcare planning and marketing

  1. (35 points) Thinking about the audiology market and the work we are doing for Angela, explain the concepts of market size and market share. In her situation what are the options for defining the market, the market size, and market share? Be sure to describe how the terms could be defined and measured.

  1. (30 points) For a large medical center, such as either of the local hospitals, explain how the following diagram might used to evaluate a product portfolio. Also, define all terms used in the graphical representation of this model.
  1. (20 points) Give examples and explain how a healthcare organization could utilize each of the “four Ps” in the marketing mix to differentiate from the competition. (Give four examples, one for each “P”.)
  2. (6 points) Give three examples of market segmentation in health care.
  3. (6 points) Briefly discuss why developing customer loyalty and relationship marketing have become important in healthcare.

  1. Define the terms “Primary Marketing Research” and “Secondary Marketing Research”, and give an example of each.
  1. What is a SWOT analysis and how is it used in marketing?
  1. Discuss the concept of “relationship marketing” and discuss how this approach is different from a transactional approach. You may wish to discuss the goals, organizational focus and time perspective of each approach.
  1. Discuss areas in which an organization can seek a differential advantage.
  1. Explain the concepts of market size and market share to someone who has never taken a marketing course. Be sure to describe how the terms are defined and measured.
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