Annotated bibliography

Discussion: Healthcare Delivery: Location, Location, Location

Leaders in the field of medicine have made significant advances over the past four decades. Technological advances, enhanced outcomes, and significant reductions in cost have ushered in these changes, and with them, a shift in care from the inpatient setting to the ambulatory arena. These ambulatory settings include, but are not limited to, medical group practices (both single and multispecialty), ambulatory surgical centers, diagnostic centers, adult daycare centers, and a host of other creative organizations. These advances in medicine have also led to increased life expectancy and, thus, an increase in demand for many types of long-term care entities.

Healthcare organizations must meet the changing needs of their populations and the associated operational challenges. In addition to changing life expectancy, lifestyles, and consumer-driven health behavior, there are also the unique challenges of serving the healthcare needs of a rural community versus a suburban or metropolitan environment. Overarching all these considerations is the relentless pressure to lower costs, raise revenue, and elevate quality of care.

Consider then, how the decision-making processes and strategic alliances analyses might play out in similar or different ways for healthcare organizations in different environments, such as rural, suburban, metropolitan, and other variations. For this Discussion, thinking of the healthcare needs of different environments, populations, and locales, you will examine strategic alliances, the characteristics specific to them, and the benefits to the different members of the alliance.


I need to post annotated bibliography for 5 resources related to the mentioned topic by using the sample annotated bibliography document attached.

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