analyze a news article and answer questions

Select a news piece from a media source (newspaper, magazine, radio, television, etc.) that presents information about a topic involving GENETICS, STEM CELLS, CLONING or DE-EXTINCTION.

Using information presented in our book, lecture notes and other reference materials, evaluate the news piece as follows:

(Your paper must address each of the following questions, with a thorough discussion of each)

  • What information is being communicated?
    • In other words what is the point of the piece, what is the reporter trying to accomplish?
  • What facts are presented? (List them all and the source cited for each)
    • remember a reporter is NOT the source of facts
  • Are the sources of the facts presented credible? State why or why not?
  • Does the reporter present facts without providing a source for them?
  • Do the facts presented agree with what you know about the subject? Why or
  • Does the reporter use the facts properly? Explain why or why not.
  • Does the reporter engage in any fallacies in presenting the information? If so, cite them and identify what type(s) they are.
  • Do you think the reporter accomplished what they set out to accomplish? Why or why not?
  • What are the ethical, moral and/or legal implications involved? Discuss.
  • What is your opinion of the piece and how did it affect your understanding of genetics?

If so, discuss what effect this has on the credibility of the piece.

why not? Are questions left unanswered?

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