analytical response essay based on reading


1. READ THE PROMPT(the information that I put below)

2. Follow the prompt to read the second and third file.

3. organizing idea as the fourth file

4. make an outline and reference the 5th and 6th files (which is the sample essay but based on different reading)

5. follow the requirements of the intro, body, conclud and write an essay as perfect as the sample essay based on the reading. check all the requirements and grammar.

6. 750+ words

Essay #1: Analytical Response Essay Prompt!!!!

Background :

We have read and discussed the following article related to requiring students in American Universities to do community service:

  • “Serve or Fail” (Eggers)


Develop your own position on this topic by expanding upon or refuting the writer’s position, or by proposing a compromise position (Agree, Disagree, or Concede).

Your task is to support your thesis by thoroughly evaluating and responding to the author’s main claims. To make your essay more interesting, you should also critique the original essay by analyzing any weaknesses in the writer’s logical reasoning (by analyzing and evaluating assumptions in the author’s argument, as well as evidence in his argument, and/or any points the author may be ignoring). This paper is NOT asking you simply for your position on the topic of requiring community service, but asking for your critical analysis of the writer’s argument in relation to your position on the topic.

Essay Guidelines:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • INTRO: Your introduction should begin with a hook/lead-in to grab readers’ attention and provide background/context on the topic. After that, you must briefly summarize the text on which you are focusing and present your thesis statement (your own logical argument). Your introduction should include a full reference to the source text (full title, and author’s full name). Your thesis needs to state YOUR position vis a vis what the author wrote, NOT simply restate what the original author said.
  • BODY: Each body paragraph should provide an analysis, evaluation, and/or critique of the original author’s position or ideas, depending on your position (Agree, Disagree, or Concede). In other words, your response should be framed as a response to the original article. (For example, if you mainly DISAGREEING with the author’s claims, you should clearly explain the weaknesses or flaws in the writer’s logic, evidence, and/or competence. And if you raise issues that writer did not, again, they must be framed within the context of the author’s article. For instance, did the writer ignore important issues? Does the writer just assume that the issue is a matter of “right” or “wrong?”) See templates from They Say, I Say (I will share these) for tips on framing your response.
  • Each body paragraph must also use convincingly presented points and information (e.g., examples and other specific details) and explanations (analysis) to prove the validity of your main claim (thesis). Even if your position supports (AGREES with) the author’s position, you still need to add YOUR OWN evidence and support. This can be from your experience and/or from information selected from other sources. In other words, you cannot simply repeat or summarize what the already mentioned without adding your own ideas.
  • Each supporting paragraph must include appropriate and effective quotes and/or paraphrases from the original text. They should be well-integrated, contextualized, and grammatically correct.
  • CONCLUSION: Your essay should have a conclusion which must, in addition to summarizing your thesis and main supporting claims, offer a new insight or a possible solution.
  • Your essay should be 750-1000 words AND must follow all standard (MLA) essay formatting requirements.
  • Your essay should have a title which is more meaningful and useful than “Essay 1.”
  • Be fully spell-checked AND proofread.

Additional Requirements:

  • Your essay should be 750-1000 words AND must follow all standard (MLA) essay formatting requirements.
  • Your essay should have a title which is more meaningful and useful than “Essay 1.”
  • Be fully spell-checked AND proofread.
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