analytical memo 4 5 pages

Greer, C., & McLaughlin, E. (2011). Trial by media’: Policing, the 24-7 news mediasphere and the ‘politics of outrage. Theoretical Criminology, 15(1), 23-46.

Paper must use APA style, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association6th Ed

Students will write an analytical memo regarding. The intent of these memo is to facilitate your thinking about the issues raised in this course and to enhance your critical thinking abilities using the assigned readings and to improve the depth and breadth of our in-class discussions. Simple summaries of the material are not sufficient. Things to consider including in these memo:

  • Ideas, concepts, arguments you found stimulating, worth remembering and building on;
  • Questions, concerns, disagreements with ideas encountered, and/or
  • Connections, linkages, contradictions between one idea or approach and another.

Each memo should be 4-5 pages in length, and as with all written assignments, use APA for style and format.

short summarize author,than opinion agree or disagree, than support opinion with provable sources!!!


fallow instructions!!!

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