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5.  For many years alchemists tried to convert lead to gold. All of the following reasons for their failure are true EXCEPT


A. To change lead into gold, alchemists needed to remove three protons from the nucleus of lead.

B. Alchemists were not able to “cook” the reaction hot enough to provide the energy required to remove protons from the lead nucleus. The energy required to overcome the lead atom’s binding energy is enormous compared to the amount supplied by alchemist’s “cooking”.

A.  C. Alchemists did not know then that it is impossible to add or remove particles from the nucleus of an atom.

D. Alchemists were conducting ordinary chemical reactions, which only involve valence electrons and not the nucleus. In chemical reactions atoms can change partners but not change their elemental identity

E. Reacting lead carbonate with acid, alchemists only broke old bonds and formed new ones. Breaking bonds requires only a fraction of the energy required to overcome the binding energy in the nucleus.


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