Affordable Care Act, assignment help

Positive Aspects of Affordable Care Act

Review the following online article addressing

Supposed positive points of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The ACA is one of the most debated federal healthcare policies in recent years. Write a paper that addresses the following questions:

What are the supposed positive aspects/benefits of the Affordable Care Act?

Who stands to benefit the most from the ACA policy?

How did the public play a role in promoting the positive aspects of this new federal policy?

What was the effect of this federal policy at the state level?

Create and include a graph that shows the distribution of those in favor of, those not in favor of, and those undecided about the ACA.  Provide a reference as to how you obtained the information for the statistics in your graph.

Adhere to the following standards:

The paper should be 2-3 pages in length, not counting the title or references pages, which must be included.

Be sure to follow the guide for APA Requirements. Sources should be 5 years or less.

Each reference must be cited at least once in the paper. Use headings to organize the content in your work.

Support your interpretation with at least three peer-reviewed journal articles, other than the article provided here. 

The paper should include an introduction, a body with at least two fully developed paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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