Acid Base Lab, chemistry assignment help

I am completing a lab at home where I had to make a PH indicator solution out of a liquid made from boiling red cabbage leaves. I added 15 drops of the PH indicator solution to 1 Tablespoon the various substances below in the chart. The salt, vegetable oil, ginger ale and baking soda were made by adding 1 tsp of those substances to 1 tablespoon of distilled water. Those instructions and ph ranges were provided in the lab instructions. Chemistry is NOT my subject and now I am stumped trying to figure out how to complete the remainder of the chart for the lab. The chart is below.

Substance color of solution without indicator color of solution with indicator pH [H+] pOH [OH]
Solution #1 rubbing alcohol clear lilac 5 – 6
Solution #2 vinegar clear cherry red 2
Solution #3 baking soda white blue 8 – 9
Solution #4 ginger ale clear lilac 5- 6
Solution #5 vegetable oil clear lilac 5 – 6
Solution #6 salt clear cloudy blue 8 – 9
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