According to the assigned article the three key attributes of a sustainable health system are affordability, homework help

1.According to the assigned article the three key attributes of a sustainable health system are affordability, acceptability, and adaptability. There are numerous recommendations to ensure efficiency, sustainability, and optimal functioning. Reforming health care is important to increase the access to health care and availability of health insurance. Reforming health care would address the rising cost of health care. It would also make changes to the payment system for physicians and hospitals. Many other reforms have been promoted to achieve a sustainable health system but there is one central underlying idea associated with all these efforts which is change. We must take a different course of action to turn the complex health care system into a more streamlined health care system. Technology can play a major role in a better health system. A nationwide health information infrastructure and payment incentives for physicians who use electronic health records are promising. More extensive technology in health care settings will expand the efficiency and effectiveness of care. State based insurance may be more appropriate than the current ACA insurance coverage. Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are recommended. ACOs are where a group of professionals work together to collaborate and manage information, regimens, and payment options to ensure patient care is less expensive, more efficient, and less frustrating. Effectiveness of clinical strategies can be improved by providing evidence based practices to doctors and patients. Laws are mandated to improve health care and help save money. There is mandated insurance coverage for preventative services without having to pay copays. Incentives can be worked into insurances premiums when patients make dietary and behavioral changes to decrease the risk of disease and injury. These kinds of changes need to be made at a nationwide level and not different in every state (Fineberg, 2012).

Throughout these time priorities need to be kept in mind. Efforts to improve the quality and safety of care should be made. The needs of patients who require high cost care need to be met in ways that will save money over time. Patient preferences should always be honored. To smooth the flow of patients through the system we should rely on engineering and operations. Learn from evidence and colleagues. Accept responsibility, value accountability, support team based care and education (Fineberg, 2012).


Fineberg, H.V. (2012). A successful and sustainable health system – How to get there from here. The New England Journal of Medicine, 366(11), 1020-1027. Retrieved from…

2.In the article “Shattuck Lecture: A Successful and Sustainable Health System — How to Get There from Here” has three characteristics for remaining sustainable. According to Fineberg (2012), “A sustainable health system also has three key attributes: affordability, for patients and families, employers, and the government (recognizing that employers and the government ultimately rely on individuals as consumers, employees, and taxpayers for their resources); acceptability to key constituents, including patients and health professionals; and adaptability, because health and health care needs are not static (i.e., a health system must respond adaptively to new diseases, changing demographics, scientific discoveries, and dynamic technologies in order to remain viable).” Nurses can do their part to help reduce hospital costs by conserving supplies and finding ways to save money.

Fineberg, Harvey V,M.D., PhD. (2012). Shattuck lecture: A successful and sustainable health system — how to get there from here. The New England Journal of Medicine, 36(11), 1020-7. Retrieved from…

3. Teamwork is essential in the hospital setting. I think trust is built when you can rely on your team for help. Trust can be lost when you need help and no one is there to assist you. I remember some of the craziest shifts I’ve had and the amazing people that helped me. It makes you want to work harder and help them in the future. According to Brown et al., “Trust is generally defined as the willingness to be vulnerable to another based on one’s expectations of the other’s favorable character, intentions, and behaviors. Workgroups and organizations can form an overarching environment of trust that relies, in part, on the basis of personal trust and physical proximity and evolves across social networks to permeate the work environment. As with any environmental context, a trust environment can have a significant influence on individual-level relationships. This is because it is part of employees’ sense making, helping them to both construct and interpret events that happen in that environment, as well as understand what behaviors are considered appropriate, important, expected, and rewarded.”


4. I am a fan of drills. Drills and practice make teams function better in a crisis. Many areas do not have frequent code blues for example, so practice is needed to keep everyone current. One hospital where I take students to clinical just had a mass casualty drill in their ED. Can anyone else share drills that you practice besides fire drills such as mock codes, code ICE, code stemi, code pink, active shooter, etc.

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