A small research about “overpackaged”, assignment help

Go through your home or when you go shopping try to find a product that you consider to be “overpackaged.”  In other words, determine if the packaging uses more materials than necessary.  It can be a food item or non-food item.

This project involves the packaging of a product by the maker/manufacturer of the product, not 3rd party shippers like Amazon or UPS so do not choose packaging by a 3rd party shipper. Rather, choose packaging that is the original packaging of the manufacturer itself. In addition, do not choose water bottles, potato chip bags or cereal boxes because these examples are cliche and overdone and there are better examples out there, be creative.

Goal:  Identify a product (can be food product or non-food product) that is “overpackaged.”  Determine if the packaging uses more materials than necessary.

Answer the following questions: 

1) Identity of Product. Identify the maker and brand of your product and what type of product it is. 

2) Explain why you think this product is “overpackaged.” In what ways is there waste of material?  Provide a complete description of the product and describe the aspects that are overpackaged.  Remember the reader cannot see what you are talking about so they must be able to visualize it based on your description.

3) How would you package this product differently? Again, be as specific and descriptive as possible so the reader can visualize the changes you would make.

4)  Can you think of a reason(s) why the manufacture chose to package the product in this manner?  In other words, is there a functional reason why the product was packaged in this manner?  Provide all the reasons for the packaging you observed.

Make sure you answer all the questions posed in the assignment.

If dealing with numbers (especially in a science class) always specify what units of measure you are referring to. In this assignment there were global acres, #planet earths and global hectares. Always identify which units you are using.  Keep in mind that acres and hectares are completely different units of measure so trying to compare one number that’s in hectares and another that’s in acres is like comparing apples and oranges. If there were different units of measure, you need to convert them. Many of you stated your results in planet earths but used US averages that were either global acres or global hectares so when comparing your results to these numbers they needed to be equivalent.  It also helps other students compare their numbers with yours.

 Be specific in your answers, give examples –  Avoid general or vague responses. For example, if you say you are going to try to save energy, specify how you are going to accomplish this.  Energy is a very broad term.  It could mean caloric energy as in dieting or electrical energy as in turning off lights.  So giving an example or two would be a more specific and robust answer.

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