a checklist for critical thinking

In at least 200-300 words, please look at the Checklist on page 29 and answer the questions listed about your usual thinking/writing habits. If you’d like to address a certain paper or time in your life, that is fine. Otherwise, just consider your usual habits when thinking through this Checklist. There is no need to answer all of the questions.


  • Does my thinking show imaginative open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity?
  • Am I willing to examine my assumptions?
  • Am I willing to entertain new ideas – both those that I encounter while reading and those that come to mind while writing?
  • Am I willing to exert myself – for instance, to do research – to acquire information to evaluate evidence?


  • Can I summarize an argument accurately?
  • Can I evaluate assumptions, evidence, and inferences?
  • Can I present my ideas effectively – for instance, by organizing and by writing in a manner appropriate to my imagined audience?
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