2 04 integrating and evacuating sources

Step One:

Your search for articles and advertisements will revolve around a theme of your choosing. Select one of the following topics to be the focus your research:

  • technology
  • sports equipment
  • clothing
  • food

Step Two:

You will search for articles online to help you answer these questions.

  1. Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective?
  2. Are advertisements aimed at teenagers ethical?

Step Three:

As you locate information:

  1. record your researched articles using the Research Graphic Organizer, Part 1
  2. record your researched advertisements using the Research Graphic Organizer, Part 2

Watch this video to get the scoop on locating and using sources to support your claim. These tips will make deciding which sources to use and what to use from them easy.

Review Grading Rubric

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