​Which invitation for the trip of a lifetime would you choose?, health and medicine homework help

Which invitation for the trip of a lifetime would you choose?

Wouldn’t it be terrific to have a dozen or so invitations to join someone else on the trip of a lifetime that was already all planned out and paid for? The catch is that you could only accept two invitations. Destination aside, what technology-related factors would carry the most weight as you decided which two of the invitations you would accept?

Discussion topic

Post the Itinerary for the Trip of a Lifetime that you submitted for the Unit 8 Assignment. Invite others to come along on the journey with you. Be creative with your invitation, because everyone is vying for the attention of the same potential traveling companions.

Respond to two of your peers’ invitations to join them on their travels. You may decide to go along, or turn down the offer to go on the journey. Either way, your decision must be based in your assessment on the other student’s plan to use technology for transportation, lodging, dining, and recreation at the destination.

Of course, the destination matters as you make your choice to go or not. But, make the main reason for your decision based in your peers’ ideas about the use of technology to create the itinerary.

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