​View the National Geographic video and answer the question

View the National Geographic video on the Boeing 747 Assembly Plant in Evert, WA.


1. How did Boeing reduce their development cycle for the 747-8?

2. What does the term Flutter mean as described in the video?

3. How did Boeing cure the Flutter on the 747-8?

4. How closely must fuselage sections be aligned for final assembly?

5. What does the alignment pin do?

6. Once the Fuselage is assembled, how is it counterbalanced to keep from tipping backwards?

7. How many bolts hold each engine?

8. In an emergency, how are engines designed to break away?

9. How many kilometers (km) of wiring is used on the 747-8?

10. The 747-8 is primarily a fly-by-wire aircraft. What are the other Redundant systems built into the 747-8 in case the fly-by-wire system fails?

11. What are the steps in painting the fuselage?

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