​BMI, Eating and Exercise, health and medicine homework help

BMI, Eating and Exercise — Reply to one of more of these issues. Use full APA evidence-based citations.

Explain what Body Mass Index (BMI) is and how it is related to various weight classifications.

•Discuss Body Mass Index (BMI) determination, BMI categories, obesity causes and obesity issues.

•Discuss Body fat content, visceral fat and waist-to-hip ratio and the health impacts of these.

•Discuss how food consumption is affected by hunger, satiety, behavior, social pressures, and advertising.

•Discuss how energy expenditure is affected by sedentary behavior, social pressures, and social class.

•What percent of Americans are overweight? Are obese? What are the associated health risks?

•Describe evidence-based methods of successful long-term weight loss. How successful are these methods? What factors are essential to success?

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