​Assignment 2: Research Proposal Draft, health and medicine homework help

Assignment 2: Research Proposal Draft

The topic to address is Hand Hygiene Adherence to Reduce CLABSI

Must find articles that pertain to nurses perception on hand hygiene adherence, interventions on hand hygiene and Theory of Planned Behavior compared to another theory on the topic

By Monday, September 26, 2016, write a (5–6 pages) paper addressing the sections below of the research proposal.

This week you will submit the Literature Review section of your proposal. Each week you have been adding to your growing body of evidence to support your problem and proposed innovation to address the problem. The review of literature is a critical, analytical summary and synthesis of the current knowledge of your research topic. Thus it should compare and relate different theories, findings, etc., rather than just summarize them individually.

The following resources will help guide you (in addition to our course textbooks):




Writing the Literature Review: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Graduate Students:

Writing the Literature Review (Part Two): Step-by-Step Tutorial for Graduate Students:

Submit your assignment to the W4: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Monday, September 26, 2016.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Literature reviewed represents current scholarly literature.


Literature reviewed represents a comprehensive review of the research topic.


Review of the literature is a critical, analytical summary.


Review of the literature illustrates a synthesis of the current knowledge of research topic.


Followed APA guidelines for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources.




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